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Practice Manager

Jawad Fatrouni

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia where my journey started completing my high school education in a local school in Liverpool. I was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to take part in various HR managing roles within many Australian national Companies such as NBN and Thales. Having been a part of the huge corporate companies I picked up a plethora of management skills and gained invaluable experience leading and working as a part of a highly functional team. 

After completing many years of working in HR I had the opportunity to take on a role as a Practice manager in the Veterinary industry. Although this was challenging at first, but it was an opportunity to implement my skills to better play my part within the veterinary setting. As a Practice manager, my most prominent motive is to maintain a healthy relationship between pet owners and their pets by ensuring that they receive the best Veterinary health care when in need the most. 

Outside of managing the Veterinary practice, I am a passionate composer and pianist that loves contributing to the music industry. My connection to music that I create allows me to immerse myself in an activity that both relaxes and stimulates my mind. Being a part of a big family myself I also enjoy spending time with them as well friends. 

The Vets for your Pets.