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Dr. Saif Al-Sowaidi

Dr Saif graduated from Iraq / Baghdad university 2005 with Bachelor of veterinary medicine / Bachelor of Veterinary Surgery BVMS. Dr Saif worked at equine practitioner for a year before being appointed to be the head veterinarian of big poultry company for a year (treating, vaccinating, producing, hatchery and marketing broilers and layers). 

Dr Saif migrated to Australia in 2011 and committed to studying veterinary degree again to practice with his beloved animals of dogs and cats. 

Dr Saif later,  joined Adelaide university to study the final course of post graduate degree of Doctor of veterinary medicine and surgery and graduated with a DVM degree (master by course work) in December 2018. 

Throughout his study, Dr Saif placed his interest in small animal surgeries and went on to completing his small animal surgery elective mentored by specialists across south Australia. In previous times, Dr Saif had volunteered for the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) for a year helping the community and nation with storms, floods, and rescue. 

Dr Saif loves music and enjoys travelling, adventuring different hikes involving mountains, falls, countryside, and historical areas. Dr Saif’s main hobbies includes camping with friends around fire and listening to relaxing music connecting with natural side of life. He also enjoys his early summer walks on the beach watching the sunrise. 

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