The Graduate Program

The Vets for Pets graduate academy program is created for new graduate veterinarians who value in practising high quality medicine, high standard patient care and developing high professionals’ skills.

As a new graduate, Vets for Pets offers Hospital placements where you will be provided the chance to work alongside a team of experienced veterinary professionals and experience all types of patient care. You will be followed by a Senior mentor/Veterinarian at all times working to achieve pre-assigned learning outcomes. 

You will have the opportunity to view the realistic life of a veterinary professionals with a range of client interaction and first-hand experiences. 

Supporting your transition into the Veterinary industry

Vets for Pets have been local vets in western Sydney since 2009. We pre-dominantly focus on our clients and our professionality with our initiative to contribute to the veterinary industry.

We highly value our professional development, providing you with the opportunity to become a part of a supportive environment. 

Our 3 Vets for Pets hospitals are designed and equipped with a range of diagnostic tools:

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Anaesthetics monitors 
  • Ultrasound
  • Dental machines
  • Idexx In House Blood Machines

Academy program timeline

The Vets for Pets Academy is a new way to assist new graduate in developing the necessary skills to pursue their career in veterinary medicine. Within this program you’ll will receive on going allocated mentorship to allow you to gain the confidence and skills in the small animal Veterinary Industry. In addition to this you will receive:

  • Continued external professional Development through online conferences in combination with resources such as Vet Education, access to the Veterinary information network, etc.
  • You will gain insight to regular consulting sessions as well as regular surgical shifts per week shadowed by a mentor at all times.
  • You will have continued support from clinic mentors such as our practise managers and technical support to further extend your knowledge from a practise point of view.

Month 1

Week 1 and 2: At Vets for Pets all our employees will be inducted accordingly, and you will receive an allocated mentor that will shadow you for this duration.

Week 3 and 4: you will begin to conduct basic consultation as well as vaccinations.

4 Month Rotational Program

During this part of the program, you will be rotate amongst our Vets for Pets site where an allocated Mentor will shadow you at all sites.

Generally, you will be developing the necessary Veterinary skills required in the industry as well as being exposed to a 50% consult load increasing to 100% by the end of this program.

5 Months Clinical Placement

During this part of the program, you will be allocating to one of our Vets for Pets site where you are shifted at 100% consult load whilst being exposed to continued development of surgical skills.

The Vets for your Pets.