Our Philosophy

As a family-owned veterinary service provider, we began our journey in the heart of southwest Sydney, Moorebank operating our very first leading practice, since 2009. Contributing to a part of a growing community, our veterinary group were faced to meet the needs of quality care for our clients and patients. This led to the expansion of our veterinary service operations to two sister practices within the surrounding suburbs of Glenfield and Revesby both of which have been operating for over five years.

To take our family towards the next step of our development, in 2021, we established the new face of our veterinary group, Vets for Pets. Vets for Pets is now a Family-owned veterinary service provider in NSW, Australia, where we operate in the southwest region of Sydney featuring three general practices. Our veterinary Group gives pet owners the opportunity to access well-equipped vet practices operated by veterinary professionals providing outstanding client and patient care.

Our Standard of Care

At Vets for Pets we ensure that you are provided with upmost information on pet health care. We will provide your pet with a caring environment as if they were our own. Our efforts live up to assuring your pet receives the most professional standard of care. 

Vets for Pets Services and Equipment

Our Vets for Pets practices provide a range of veterinary services to meet your pets needs. Our veterinary professionals work to provide your pet with accurate diagnoses and ensure they receive the best treatment options when they are in need of care for their well being. 

We are trained veterinary professional prepared to provide your pet with healthcare advice specific to your pets needs. This include providing your pet with a high standard of physical examination, we specialise in medical and dietary concerns as well as behavioural or environmental concerns.

Our practices are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to provide your pet with the best medical care when in need. 

The services we offer at Vets for Pets include Vaccinations, microchipping, surgical treatment, Dental treatment, Radiology, specialist referrals, wellness programs, weight loss programs, behavioural advice, nutritional advice, grooming. 

The Vets for your Pets.