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How To Keep Track Of Your Pets Vaccinations

For a majority of pet owners, keeping up with your pets vaccinations can become difficult. Sometimes you forget which vaccination they received last year or you’ve moved to a new vet and the vet needs to know which vaccination your pet received last……

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Payment Assistance (GapOnly)

We’ve partnered with GapOnly™ to help provide even more treatment payment options.
If your pet is insured with one of the following pet insurance providers, you can access your eligible pet insurance benefit right away for eligible expenses. So rather than paying us the full invoice upfront and wait days to be reimbursed, you only pay what your policy doesn’t cover – or the gap.

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Arthritis In Cats

Did you know an estimated 40% of all cats are living with arthritis, a painful joint condition, but we often do not recognise the signs or put it down to old age¹. Read on to find out if your cat could be suffering in silence and what we can do to help.

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