At Vets for Pets, Your Pets
Health Comes First.

Concerned about the cost of your pets health. Open Pay and Vet Pay are now available at Vets for Pets. 

Giving you more options to help you to give your furry Friends the care they need.

Open Pay

Open Pay Delivers the most Flexible Plans in the mark with durations of 2-24 months and values of up to $20,000. Open Pay focuses on industries where it can make a true difference: Automotive, Healthcare, Home Improvements, Memberships and Education. 

Vet Pay

Vets Pay is committed to supporting the integrity and ethics of the Veterinary industry by partnering with Veterinary Practises to offer flexible payment plans to ensure the optimum level of health for all animals, while also encouraging responsible pet ownership within Australia.

The Vets for your Pets.