Parasites are living organisms that require a host to live and feed off. The parasites such as fleas, ticks’ mosquitoes and intestinal parasites can be found in our pets which can impose detrimental health issues if undetected. 


Heart Worm

Spread by mosquitoes, heartworm are parasites that can inhabit the inside of our pet’s arteries of the lungs and parts of the heart. 

Heartworm parasites can exist in populations of up to 200 and are able to grow up to 30cm long and 2cm thick.

The offspring of heartworm are referred to as microfilariae which can be found in the blood of infected pets. 

Paralysis Ticks

Paralysis ticks are eight legged parasites that are able to tunnel through your pets’ skin to feed.

These paralysis ticks are able to produce neurotoxins, which can travel through your pet’s bloodstream.

These absorbed neurotoxins travel to through to the nervous system which can cause the paralysis of all muscles.


Small and brown in colour, fleas are parasitic insects that generally inhabit the coat and skin of your pet. The infestation of these parasites can cause serious illnesses such as anaemia and skin diseases.

Intestinal Worms

There are a range of worms the dogs and cats can be infected with including hookworms, roundworms, whipworm and tape worm. Some of which can be spread to their owners.

The infestation of intestinal worms in your pets can result in ill-thrift, diarrhoea, anaemia and intestinal blockages.

Treatment and Prevention

  1. Topical Treatments
  2. Shampoos
  3. Tablets and Chews
  4. Collar
  5. Annual Injections

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