Our Vets for Pets Hospitals are equipped with Ultrasounds that provide our Veterinary professionals with a non-invasive procedure of examination that produces images of your pet’s body. This allows us to have a better look at your pet’s health.


An ultrasounds functions through produces in high frequency sound waves which are emitted by an instrument called a transducer. The Ultrasound’s transducer is placed on your pet’s body in which the waves are reflected back as echoes from the structures of the body examined. These echoes are then capture by the transducer and converted into visual patterns by a computer revealing the structures examined by your pet. The produces images are displayed within the Ultrasound monitor upon examination.


The Method of examination involves the clipping of fur in the region of examination and applying some ultrasound gel to assist in the functioning of the transducer. Therefore, the procedure inflicts little to zero levels of discomfort to your pet. In some cases, your pet may be treated with a sedation or put under general anaesthetic to keep animal still whilst our veterinary professionals perform this examination.

What benefits do ultrasounds have for your pet?

Ultrasounds provides non-invasive method to scanning internal organs such as liver, kidney, bowel, spleen, bladder, prostate, uterus and heart.  This allows the Veterinary professionals to examine the texture and size of these internal organs which can support the diagnosis of present disease. 

Ultrasounds can also provide our Veterinarians with the guidance to performing small invasive procedures such as biopsies for the purpose of collecting tissue samples. Ultrasound are known to be the most reliable method of pregnancy diagnosis for dogs and cats.

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