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Arthritis In Cats

What Is Osteoarthritis?

  • There are many different types of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis, essentially the same chronic condition that humans suffer from
  • Healthy joints are covered by cartilage, a rubbery material that creates a cushion between the bones and provides a smooth surface for movement
  • When arthritis occurs, this cartilage breaks down, causing swelling, stiffness, movement problems and increasingpain, which steadily spreads throughout the body.
  • Arthritis is normally found in older cats, although it can affect youngsters too.
  • Its usually caused by natural wear and tear of the joints, but canalso be linked to injuries, as well as joint abnormalities such as hip dysplasia.

How Do I Spot The Symptoms?

Cats are very good at hiding pain, which means they might not whimper or look obviously lame.

Also, because our furry friends are four legged (unlike us!), they are more adept at redistributing their weight to cope with discomfort.

As a result, a limp can be harder to spot. Nevertheless, there are some signs to look out for.

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